What is Bulacan famous for? Give Us Your Top 3 Answers

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What is Bulacan famous for? Name the top three things you think of when you hear BULACAN. Try to do the same for each of the towns / cities in Bulacan.

What is Bulacan famous for? Top 3 Answers on the Board! Survey Says!

I’m a true-blue Bulakenya, ‘born and bred’ in Bulacan. Apart from being HOME, these are the 3 things that I believe Bulacan is famous for:

  • History
    1. Malolos Republic
    2. Republic of Kakarong de Sili
    3. Battle of Biak na Bato
  • Food
    1. Pastillas
    2. Different kinds of Kakanin
    3. Ensaymada
  • Culture
    1. Malalim na Tagalog (*Read our feature article on this.)
    2. Native works – buntal hats, woven bags, barong, embroidery
    3. Religious traditions and old churches

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What is Bulacan famous for? Try the Town and Cities Version:

I can honestly say that this “What is Bulacan famous for?” challenge was hard for me, especially for some of the towns that I do not go to often. I challenge you to do the same and pass the “What is Bulacan famous for?” challenge forward. This is the Bulacan Towns and Cities Edition.

These are the 21 towns and 3 cities in Bulacan. What is Bulacan famous for, for each of these? Can you put in the 3 things you think of when you hear these? Below are my answers.

  • Angat is famous for:
    1. Angat Dam
    2. Angat atershed
    3. Santa Monica Church
  • Balagtas is famous for:
    1. Francisco Balagtas
    2. Bigaa
    3. Balagtas Exit of NLEX
  • Baliuag is famous for:
    1. Baliwag Transit
    2. Bunta hats
    3. church of Baliwag (old church — San Agustin)
  • Bocaue is famous for:
    1. Pagoda
    2. Fireworks / firecrackers
    3. pancit alanganin
  • Bulakan is famous for:
    1. Marcelo H. del Pilar
    2. Gregorio del Pilar
    3. old church (Our Lady of Assumption Church)
  • Bustos is famous for:
    1. Minasa
    2. rice
    3. Bustos Dam
  • Calumpit is famous for:
    1. Calumpit River
    2. fiesta (San Juan, i.e., they splash you with water)
    3. longganisang Calumpit
  • Doña Remedios Trinidad is famous for:
    1. Imelda Marcos
    2. Sierra Madre mountains
    3. last frontier
  • Guiguinto is famous for:
    1. plants
    2. Halamanan Festival
    3. Eurobake
  • Hagonoy is famous for:
    1. National Shrine of St. Anne
    2. seafood
    3. floods (sorry!!!)
  • Malolos is famous for:
    1. Malolos Cathedral
    2. Barasoain
    3. Malolos Republic
  • Marilao is famous for:
    1. Divine Mercy Shrine
    2. that small YUMMY puto –> Putong Polo
    3. SM Marilao
  • Meycauayan is famous for:
    1. jewelries
    2. polluted river
    3. St. Mary’s Meycauayan
  • Norzagaray is famous for:
    1. marble
    2. Sierra Madre mountains
    3. Pinagrealan Cave
  • Obando is famous for:
    1. fertility rites
    2. Sta. Clara
    3. San Pascual Baylon
  • Pandi is famous for:
    1. barong
    2. Kakarong de Sili
    3. embroidery
  • Paombong is famous for:
    1. sukang Paombong
    2. Kapitangan (especially during Holy Week)
    3. bermuda grass
  • Plaridel is famous for:
    1. Marcelo H. del Pilar’s pen name
    2. St. James the Apostle
    3. Plaridel airport
  • Pulilan is famous for:
    1. kneeling carabao
    2. Butterfly Haven
    3. San Isidro Labrador
  • San Ildefonso is famous for:
    1. St. Paul University
    2. Bahay na Pula
    3. woven bags
  • San Jose Del Monte is famous for:
    1. Grotto (Lourdes)
    2. Balagbag
    3. Padre Pio
  • San Miguel is famous for:
    1. pastillas
    2. Biak-na-Bato
    3. chicharon
  • San Rafael is famous for:
    1. kakanin
    2. St. Paul San Rafael
    3. 8 waves
  • Sta. Maria is famous for:
    1. chicharon
    2. Maine Mendoza
    3. Philippine Arena

This is the alphabetical list of the 21 towns and 3 cities in Bulacan. As a Bulakenyo, try to answer ‘What is Bulacan famous for?‘. Use this blank list below to put your top 3 answers for each of the towns / cities; and forward this challenge to another Bulakenyo.

  • Angat
  • Balagtas
  • Baliuag
  • Bocaue
  • Bulakan
  • Bustos
  • Calumpit
  • Doña Remedios Trinidad
  • Guiguinto
  • Hagonoy
  • Malolos
  • Marilao
  • Meycauayan
  • Norzagaray
  • Obando
  • Pandi
  • Paombong
  • Plaridel
  • Pulilan
  • San Ildefonso
  • San Jose Del Monte
  • San Miguel
  • San Rafael
  • Sta. Maria
What is Bulacan famous for?

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Listen to the Bulacan Tourism Jingle as well. It highlights what each of our towns / cities are famous for: Bulacan Tourism Jingle.

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