Bulakenyo Vocabularies Part 2

Bulacan is truly a province that is rich in culture and history, from its noble heroes and poets, glorious history, and to its lovable pastries, Bulacan has a lot to offer. One aspect of the richness of the Bulakenyo culture is through our own dialect.

Bulakenyos are stereotyped for being poetic and have a deep-rooted love for the Tagalog language, thus maintaining the gracefulness of the language. The word “eka” which we tackled in Talasalitaan Part 1  is one of the most common expressions of Bulakenyos including other words from the previous post. Besides from that, here are the other words that Bulakenyos love to use in their daily conversations:

#1. Malurit

Commonly used by parents who scold their children for being too relaxed or lazy.

Example: Napakalurit naman nere. Sabi sayo bumili ka ng suka weh di ka parin tumitinag diyan. (You are too lazy. I told you to buy a bottle of vinegar but you are still here.)

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