Quick Facts About Bulacan: Answers to 25+ FAQ You Want to Know

Facts about Bulacan: Where is Bulacan located?

  • Where is Bulacan located?
    • Bulacan is one of the provinces on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It is in Region 3 (Central Luzon).
  • How far is Bulacan from Manila?
    • Bulacan is about 11km north of the City of Manila. It is bounded by Metro Manila on the south (by the cities of Valenzuela, Quezon, Malabon, Navotas, and Caloocan), and the Manila Bay on the southwest.
  • How big is Bulacan?
    • Bulacan has a total land area of 262,500 hectares.
Facts about Bulacan - Map with 21 towns and 3 Cities
Bulacan Map with Towns and Cities

Facts about Bulacan: What are the towns and cities in Bulacan?

  • How many towns are in Bulacan?
    • There are 21 municipalities and 3 cities in Bulacan.
  • What are the towns and cities in Bulacan?
    • Angat
    • Balagtas
    • Baliuag
    • Bocaue
    • Bulakan
    • Bustos
    • Calumpit
    • Doña Remedios Trinidad
    • Guiguinto
    • Hagonoy
    • Malolos (city)
    • Marilao
    • Meycauayan (city)
    • Norzagaray
    • Obando
    • Pandi
    • Paombong
    • Plaridel
    • Pulilan
    • San Ildefonso
    • San Jose Del Monte (city)
    • San Miguel
    • San Rafael
    • Sta. Maria
  • What is the capital of Bulacan?
    • City of Malolos
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  • What is the biggest town in Bulacan?
    • Doña Remedios Trinidad, with about 93,298 hectares of landmass; is about 36% of the size of Bulacan.
  • What is the smallest town in Bulacan?
    • Obando, only 1,458 hectares or 0.56% of the entire area of Bulacan.

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Facts about Bulacan: Demographics

  • What is Bulacan’s population?
    • From the 2015 census, there are 3.3M people in Bulacan.
    • It is the 2nd most populous province in the Philippines. The 1st is Cavite.
    • Population density is 1,200 people for every square kilometer, the 4th highest among Philippine provinces.

Facts about Bulacan: Who are the public officials in Bulacan?

  • Who is the governor?
    • Daniel Fernando, on his first term
  • Who is the vice governor?
    • Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado; he was the former governor of Bulacan before this term.
Quick Facts About Bulacan: Answers to 25+ FAQ You Want to Know 1
  • What are the congressional districts in Bulacan? Who are the congressmen in Bulacan? Bulacan has 5 congressional districts:
    • 1st District: Bulacan, Calumpit, Hagonoy, City of Malolos, Paombong, Pulilan. The representative is Cong. Jose Antonio Sy-Alvarado 
    • 2nd District: Baliuag, Balagtas, Bocaue, Bustos, Guiguinto, Pandi, Plaridel. The representative is Cong. Gavini “Apol” Pancho.
    • 3rd District: Angat, Doña Remedios Trinidad, Norzagaray, San Ildefonso, San Miguel, San Rafael. Representative is Cong. Lorna Silverio.
    • 4th District: Marilao, City of Meycauayan, Obando, Santa Maria. Representative is Cong. Henry Villarica.
    • Lone District of San Jose del Monte. The representative is Cong. Florida Robes.
  • Who are the mayors in Bulacan?

Facts about Bulacan’s Culture: What is Bulacan famous for?

  • What is the language/dialect in Bulacan?
    • Predominantly Tagalog. Some can speak Kapampangan, especially for the towns that border Pampanga.
    • An endangered language (Alta Kabulowan) is spoken by some people, the Alta Kabulowan (believed to be the first inhabitants of Bulacan) in the City of San Jose del Monte, Doña Remedios Trinidad, Norzagaray, and San Miguel.

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  • What is Bulacan famous for?
    • Historical landmarks – Barasoain Church, Biak-na-Bato, Kakarong de Sili Shrine, etc.
    • Food – pastillas, chicharon, minasa, sukang Paombong / sukang Bulacan, ensaymada, empanadang paliskis, inipit, kakanin, putong polo, longganisang Calumpit
    • People
      • Heroes: Marcelo H. del Pilar, Gregorio del Pilar, Mariano Ponce, Pio Valenzuela, Trinidad Tecson, etc.
      • Artists: Francisco Balagtas, Levi Celerio, Katy de la Cruz, Huseng Batute (Jose Corazon de Jesus), Nicanor Abelardo, Guillermo Tolentino, Virgilio Almario, Atang dela Rama, etc.
      • Popular Celebrities: Maine Mendoza, Regine Velasquez, Bert ‘Tawa’ Marcelo, Vergel Meneses, Lydia de Vega, Angel Locsin, Orange and Lemons, Jaime Rivera, Rey Valera, Joey de Leon, Dely (‘Tiya Dely’) Magpayo, etc.

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Facts about Bulacan: Bulacan Day and other Bulacan Holidays

  • When is Bulacan Day?
    • Bulacan Day is celebrated every August 15. This is usually declared as a special non-working holiday in Bulacan.
  • Why is August 15 a holiday in Bulacan?
    • Bulacan was established on August 15, 1578. This date was officially declared by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Bulacan in its administrative order in 2008 based on the Center for Bulacan Studies research. It was duly recognized to be in 1578, upon the foundation of the town of Bulakan (former capital).
  • Is August 30 a holiday in Bulacan?
    • Yes. This is Del Pilar Day and usually declared as a special public holiday in Bulacan. This commemorates the birth anniversary of Marcelo H. del Pilar.
  • Why is January 23 a holiday in Bulacan?
    • This is the First Philippine Republic Day. This is usually a special non-working holiday in Bulacan. In 2020, this was declared as a special working holiday in the Philippines.
  • When is Blas Ople Holiday?
    • This is on February 3. This was declared as a special non-working holiday in Bulacan. This is celebrated during Blas Ople’s birth anniversary and was declared as a holiday in recognition of the late public servant being a model Bulakenyo.
  • Why is April 2 a holiday in Bulacan?
    • April 2 is sometimes declared a special holiday in Bulacan because of the birth anniversary of Francisco Balagtas.

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Writer’s Note: Let us know about other local holidays in Bulacan that we might have missed so that we can add those as a Facts about Bulacan. Salamat!

Facts about Bulacan: How do we get to Bulacan?

  • How to get to Bulacan by land?
    • The MacArthur Highway (Manila North Road) goes through Bulacan from North to South. This has major intersections to other primary thoroughfares in the different towns: Meycauayan (to Pacheco Rd.); Bocaue (to Halili Ave.); Balagtas (to Bantayan St. to Bulakan town); Guiguinto (to Daang Maharlika leading to Baliuag, and NLEX exit); Malolos (to Paseo del Congreso and Mabini St. to Plaridel); Calumpit (to Pulilan Regional Road to Pulilan).
    • What are the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) exits in Bulacan?
      • These are Meycauayan, Marilao, CDV (Philippine Arena), Bocaue, Tambubong, Tabang, Balagtas, Sta. Rita, and Pulilan.
    • Given these major connections to highways, it is easy to get to Bulacan using private and public transportation.
  • How to get to Bulacan by air?
    • The nearest airports are Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila and Clark International Airport. From there, land transfers are needed through NLEX, and EDSA (for NAIA).

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