The real struggle of a PWD living in Bulacan

Being a Person with a disability (PWD) is hard, especially when living in a locale wherein PWDs are not the priority. Several years ago, Bulacan was considered a PWD-friendly province. The Governor made sure that the facilities like hospitals, malls, and other establishments will have what PWDs need to make them move comfortably and without asking for further assistance.

Persons with disabilities (PWDs), according to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.

Struggles of a PWDs living in Bulacan

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I was not born and raised here in Bulacan. My family moved here 3 years ago because of certain reasons. Bulacan, for me, is a great province. The province deserves to be called a PWD-friendly province because, really, PWDs can move comfortably. But are establishments the only thing to consider for one place to be called PWD-friendly? For me, it’s not.

Establishments may be included in the list, but it’s not the main factor for me. PWDs are not going to malls every day. They are not going to supermarkets every day to buy their needs. The two main factors that make it hard to live in Bulacan being a PWD are employment and education.

Education for PWDs

Some schools have what we call Special Education (SPED). But the problem is when PWDs go to college. I heard some universities that are willing to accept PWD, especially visually impaired like me. Yes, I am visually impaired, and before I was relocated here to Bulacan, I already finished a degree.

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It’s hard, especially for the visually impaired, to find state colleges and universities with a heart for PWDs. Yes, many universities are willing to accept PWD enrollees, but what about the professors? Do they have enough training to handle PWDs? My point here is that schools should let those in the Non-governmental organizations that cater to PWD conduct an orientation on handling PWDs. We can adjust to the environment; we need a little help.

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Employment for PWDs

Another thing to consider is employment. As I said, I already graduated when I moved here to Bulacan. I’ve been looking for a job for 2 years, and working in our town’s City hall is what I considered. So when I became a registered voter, I had my PWD ID and other things to consider. I tried reaching out to the LGU. Unfortunately, I get no response.

Here in our Barangay, someone went house to house to get PWDs’ information. When I ask what is that all about, she said that PWDs here in our subdivision would be receiving something from the LGU. So I waited patiently, but I haven’t received anything so far.

The PWD president here in Bulacan reminded us in one of the assemblies where I attended in 2019 that PWDs in every Barangay should have a Christmas party every Christmas season. Still, I haven’t experienced one in my 3 years living in the province. That’s the problem in some locales. PWDs are not given enough attention. And employment and livelihood is our major problem aside from education.

I hope this article will help Local Government Units to be aware of the needs of PWDs. We are PWDs, meaning something is wrong in our physical aspects, or we have illnesses counted for us to be called a PWD. But despite that, we can work. We deserve a good life like what normal people have.

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List of SPED Schools in Bulacan catering to PWDs and more

Public Elementary School

Baliuag North Central SchoolJ. Buizon Street, Poblacion, Baliuag
Contact No/s.: (044) 673-3352; 766-2263
Calumpit Central SchoolSerrano Street, Corazon, Calumpit
Malolos Elementary SchoolSto. Rosario, Malolos City
Contact No/s.: (044) 662-5737
Marilao Central SchoolSandico Street, Marilao
Contact No/s.: (044) 711-2801
Saluysoy Central SchoolRequino Street, Meycauayan
Contact No/s.: (044) 840-5131
Obando Central SchoolPaliwas, Obando
Contact No/s.: (044) 352-0056
San Miguel Central SchoolPoblacion, San Miguel
Contact No/s.: (044) 678-0076
San Rafael (BBH) Elementary SchoolCity of San Jose Del Monte
List of SPED Public Elementary Schools in Bulacan

Public High School

San Miguel National High SchoolScuala Street, San Juan, San Miguel
Contact No/s.: (044) 764-0178;
Behavioral problem, visual impairment, autism
Obando National High SchoolDe Ocampo Subd., Paliwas, Obando
Contact No/s.: (044) 299-2259
Orthopedic, multiple disabilities
Sapang Palay National High SchoolFatima V, Sapang Palay, San Jose Del Monte
Contact No/s.: (044) 8150823
Visual impairment
Balagtas Agricultural High SchoolDivine Grace Village, Pulong Gubat, Balagtas
Contact No/s.: (044) 6934392; 6932246
Mental disabilities, learning disability, hearing impairment, speech impairment, orthopedic, chronic illness, multiple disabilities.
Lolomboy National High SchoolBunducan, Bocaue
Contact No/s.: (044) 692-5227; 6925230
Mental, hearing impairment, visual impairment, autism
List of SPED Public High Schools

Private SPED School

Bethsaida’s Special Child Foundation, Inc.Poblacion, Sta. Maria
TRINITAS CollegeNational Road, Sto. Niño Phase 2, City of Meycauayan
Contact No/s.: (044) 695-3648;
List of Private SPED Schools in Bulacan

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