Top 114 DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots for An Ultimate Family Adventure

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Looking for Bulacan tourist spots that you can go to for a quick day trip? Doña Remedios Trinidad (DRT) is a far-flung mountainous area in Bulacan where nature lovers and adventure seekers frequently visit. You can find several nature reserves, view decks, waterfalls, caves, batis or spring, adventure trails, and other tourist spots here.

We often receive messages from followers asking for tips and suggestions on places to visit in DRT, and that’s why we have created this list for your reference.

We have collated top DRT destinations based on the recommendations of fellow netizens and Facebook pages like Drt Travel Destinations and DRT Bulacan Netizen group. You need to expect zigzag, uphill, downhill, paved, and unpaved roads along the way. Some spots require you to hire a Tour Guide (TG), ranging from 300 to 500 Pesos for a group of 5.

Please bring extra cash because there are entrance and parking fees for most view decks and base camps for advanced hiking trails and falls. The entrance fee is around 10 to 20 Pesos and is charged per head, but children below 10 years old are usually free.

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Best to plan your excursion before heading to DRT. Some places can only be reached using 4×4 vehicles, but your 4-wheeler, motorcycle, or bicycle (racer or mountain bike) is often enough. You can also go camping and cook outdoors with your family. If you love hiking and mountain climbing, DRT offers different levels of difficultly and a wide range of attractions. Get ready to get wet and be prepared for challenging obstacles along the way.

By the way, there is no phone signal in most of the areas we’ve been to, but it’s fine; locals will be happy to point you to your target destination. You can also use the Waze or Google maps app to help you navigate in the right direction.

Top 114 DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots

(4) Barangay Pulong Sampaloc

DestinationThings to do
Abo Spring (also known as Bukal Spring)Swimming, Picnic
Caribbean Waves Waterpark ResortSwimming
Xtrail Outdoor AdventureATV Recreation, Camping, Swimming, Picnic
View DeckPicnic, Sightseeing
Brgy. Pulong Sampaloc, DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots

(5) Barangay Bayabas

Camachile, DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots
DestinationThings to do
Batong PalakaHiking
Puning CaveSwimming, Spelunking
Tumutulo FallsSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Bayabas RiverSwimming
Felinos HillsPicnic, Hiking
Brgy. Bayabas, DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots

(7) Barangay Kabayunan

DestinationThings to do
Bilog na Layon FallsSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Kabayunan View DeckPicnic
Kabayunan Nature’s ParkPicnic, Hiking
Lagoon ni Ka DoroSwimming, Picnic
Virgin FallsSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Kimverlyn Kabayunan View DeckPicnic
Tungtong FallsSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Brgy. Kabayunan, DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots

(12) Barangay Camachile

DestinationThings to do
Blue LagoonSwimming
Camachile Mini DamSwimming, Picnic
Daan Kareta FallsSwimming, Hiking
Puting BatoHiking
Malangaan SpringSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Malangaan CaveHiking, Spelunking
Malangaan FallsSwimming, Hiking
Mandala FallsSwimming, Hiking
Secret FallsSwimming, Hiking
Simbahan BatoSwimming, Hiking, Spelunking
Tung-Tung DosSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Tung tongSwimming, Picnic
Brgy. Camachile, DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots

(9) Barangay Sapang Bulac (Sapang Bulak)

DestinationThings to do
Bato (Tribal Village)
Buklaw fallsSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Mountainview ResortSwimming, Picnic
DreamlandView Deck, Picnic, Sightseeing
Daang Gerilya FallsSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
DRT Sunrise FARM NewView Deck, Picnic, Sightseeing, Camping
Sagrada Falls NewSwimming, Picnic, Hiking, Camping
Infinity Falls NewSwimming, Picnic, Hiking, Camping
Brgy. Sapang Bulak, DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots

(10) Barangay Camachin

DestinationThings to do
Adarna (13th Falls)Swimming, Picnic, Hiking
Candle Monument in Mt. LumotHiking
Farm HillSwimming, Picnic
Hidden FallsSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Iket River ResortSwimming, Picnic
Mount SiladHiking
Buho ResortSwimming
Green tower and view deck Campsite NewPicnic, Camping, Sightseeing
Mojako’s HillsPicnic, Camping, Sightseeing
Avalon eco-farm and resort NewSwimming, Picnic
Brgy. Camachin, DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots

(15) Barangay Talbak

Top 114 DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots for An Ultimate Family Adventure 1
DestinationThings to do
Mt. Mavio (Mt. Mabio)Hiking
PalangunguyanSwimming, Picnic
Verdivia FallsSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Digo’s HillsPicnic, Sight-seeing
RAJ FarmPicnic, Hiking
Te Amo DRT camping place and resortCamping, Swimming, Picnic
8 Caves Adventure NewHiking, Spelunking
DRT ESKALA FARM and RESORT NewSwimming, Picnic
Atlas Eco-Tourism Farm & Campsite NewCamping, Picnic
Pindangan Campsite NewCamping, Picnic
Secret RiverSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Garlang Layon RiverSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
143 StepsPicnic, Hiking
Nilubugan River Cave and Falls NewSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Tambuan Layon RiverSwimming, Picnic
Brgy. Talbak, DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots

(52) Barangay Kalawakan

DestinationThings to do
Alulod FallsSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Anahaw Hills and CampsiteCamping, Hiking
Kampo Kan-tatang NewCamping, Sightseeing
Bantam Hills NewPicnic, Sightseeing
Saplungan Mountain View and CampsiteCamping, Picnic, Sightseeing
Balai sa Kalawakan NewCamping, Picnic, Sightseeing
Space Camp NewCamping, Picnic, Sightseeing
Balistada HillsHiking
Bucala Falls (Sumakbaw Falls / Talon Bucala)Swimming, Picnic, Trekking
Corona FallsSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Dumagat FallsSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Sakbod Falls NewSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Sumusulak Falls NewSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Eva FallsSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Kawit FallsSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Gulod ParadisePicnic, Sight-seeing
Gutierez FallsSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Kampo ni JUANCamping, Picnic, Sight-seeing
Mapalasan Jaw Rock FormationHiking
Mapalasan Hills and CampsiteCamping, Hiking
Maugat FallsSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Mt. Bangka-bangkaHiking
Mt. CoronaHiking
Mt. KalabasaHiking
Mt. KinailawanHiking
Mt. MapurgasHiking
Mt. MulawinHiking
Mt. NabioHiking
Mt. PalanasaHiking
Mt. PungapongHiking
Mt. SuklayHiking
Mt. TalimHiking
Mt. TanawanHiking
Mt. PinagbanderahanHiking
Panlusuyan FallsSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Rambutan FarmPicnic, Sight-seeing
Suklib CaveHiking, Spelunking
Talon Pari FallsSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Talon KawaliSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Talon KamatisSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Talon LukabSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Talon ni PedroSwimming, Picnic, Trekking
Tila Pilon Hills (Chocolate Hills of Bulacan)Hiking
Rambutan FarmSightseeing
TangkeSwimming, Picnic, Hiking
Ysayas resthouse and camping sitePicnic, Camping
Zamora FallsSwimming, Trekking
Bahay Buhaya River Adventure NewSwimming, Picnic
Bangka-bangkaan Falls NewSwimming, Trekking
Kotse-kotsehan Falls NewSwimming, Trekking
7JHEZ Farm NewPicnic, Sight-seeing
Kamp Mahiwaga NewPicnic, Sight-seeing, Hiking
Brgy. Kalawakan, DRT Bulacan Tourist Spots

There is still a lot to improve in the tourism sector of DRT, but the potential is huge. Please allow us to point out a few like adequate clean comfort rooms, emergency facilities, trash bins, proper signage, tour guide cooperative, regulated and unregulated fees. We hope that the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Doña Remedios Trinidad (DRT) will take a look at this and take corrective actions.

For us visitors, we need to be mindful of our surroundings and the environment. Let us remember the Mountaineer’s Creed, which says, “Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time. Take nothing but pictures.” This means we need to clean up our waste and dispose of trash properly (Clean As You Go). We should refrain from killing wild animals, picking flowers and plants to protect the Sierra Madre mountain range.

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