#LugawIsEssential: 15 Best Lugawan in Bulacan

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Barangay Muzon, San Jose Del Monte City – A viral video showing barangay personnel apprehending and berating a Grab Food rider for delivering lugaw or rice porridge in the area during the ECQ-imposed curfew hours. The lady barangay personnel said, “Essential po ba si lugaw? Hindi, kasi mabubuhay ang tao ng walang lugaw [Is porridge essential? No, because people can live without it].” Netizens are dismayed at how poorly the barangay mishandled the situation and clearly misunderstood the IATF memo. The social media backlash of the said incident caused lugaw to be trending for days, with our SocMed feeds being filled with pictures of people eating/cooking/ordering lugaw. We saw many posts claiming where to find the best lugaw and the best lugawan in Bulacan.

(Side Story — Update on the incident: Malacañang released a statement saying, “Lugaw, or any food item for that matter, is considered an essential good. Delivery of food items must remain unhampered 24/7. Huwag natin harangin sa checkpoints [Let us not block them at checkpoints].” The officials and personnel of barangay Muzon in SJDM City already released a public apology a week after the incident. Case closed.)

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Finally, we can say that lugaw is indeed essential. We posted a question on our Facebook page asking our followers about the best lugawan places in Bulacan. The post went crazy, and people swarmed the comment section with their recommended lugawan or gotohan place. Here are the 15 Best Lugawan in Bulacan compiled by Bulakenyo.ph with the help of our active followers’ suggestions:

Best Lugawan in Bulacan

Jazz Lugaw – Santa Maria

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Jazz Lugaw

According to our survey, Jazz Lugaw is Santa Maria’s best lugawan (or among the best lugawan in Bulacan). They have three branches in Santa Maria: Poblacion, Cay Pombo, and Pulong Buhangin. Locals said that Jazz Lugaw is a staple in the area. They recommend ordering lugaw, and pair it with hardboiled egg and tokwa’t baboy side dish. Just in case your not a fan of lugaw, they also have silog meals. They offer delivery service from 6 AM to 5 PM at a minimum purchase of 200 pesos to nearby areas. Just dial 0933-824-9008 or message them on their FB Page: Jazz Lugaw.

Edison’s LTB – San Rafael

Lugaw In Bulacan
Photo from FB/Geraldine Bartolome

Edison’s LTB (Lugaw Tokwa Baboy) is the pride of San Rafael Bulacan. Their restaurant is located in Barangay Pantubig Rd, San Rafael. Obviously, they are famous for LTB (Lugaw, Tokwa, Baboy). Specifically, their Lechon Kawali (deep-fried crispy pork belly) is a perfect complement to their delicious lugaw. Many attested that their secret vinegar condiment is really good as well. So next time you happen to visit San Rafael, going to Edison’s LTB, among the best lugawan in Bulacan, is a delicious idea.

Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen – Balagtas

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen

Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen (BLK) is an original concept fast food restaurant making a name in Metro Manila for serving delicious Bulacan Heritage Cuisine in a modern setting since 2017. They have branches in Greenhills Shopping Center, Eden Food Hall BGC, Broadway Avenue in New Manila, and the recently opened branch in Shell NLEX Balagtas.

Correction: Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen (BLK) is an original concept and not a rebrand of Edison’s LTB because their menus are different. BLK, Inc. is the company behind Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen.

According to BLK’s website, their food appeals to a wide variety of diners, especially the city dwellers who long for regional, home-style meals delivered in a fast-paced setting.

Susan’s – Guiguinto

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Susan’s. Since 1985

Susan’s is a favorite lugawan in Bulacan since 1985. Their lugaw is so good, and they have 2 branches in Guiguinto. Their main branch is located somewhat a hole-in-the-wall along Tabang road near Ilang-ilang Street. The other one is located in Bulacan Gold Commercial Complex, Brgy. Tuktukan. Their soon-to-open 3rd branch is located in Mac Arthur Highway, Longos, Malolos City, beside the MBB Royale Paint Center, near Vista Mall Malolos.

Regular customers recommend either the Lugaw Tokwa’t Baboy or the Beef Goto Tokwa’t Baboy version. Both of these are equally delicious. Don’t forget to order Lumpiang Toge (bean sprout) or Okoy (crispy deep-fried shrimp fritter) to complement the savory hot porridge. Dip it with some of their sweet vinegar condiment to make it better.

Lugawan ni Ona – Marilao

Lugawan in Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Lugawan ni Ona

Lugawan ni Ona is arguably the best lugawan in Marilao (and some patrons say the best lugawan in Bulacan). Their modest stall is located at the entrance of Town and Country Executive Village. People flock to this lugawan in the morning, lunch, and merienda in the afternoon. Frequent customers recommend the staple LTB (Lugaw, Tokwa’t Baboy). They also have Tokneneng (a deep-fried orange-battered hardboiled egg), Lumpiang Toge, and Okoy (crispy deep-fried shrimp fritter).

Lugaw ni Abel – Malolos

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Charmaine Bautista

Lugaw Ni Abel started in a small carenderia in Santisima Trinidad, Malolos City in 1989. Imagine, Lugaw ni Abel has been serving delicious lugaw to locals for over 30 years. Their savory beef-based broth lugaw is truly one of a kind. If you haven’t been there, Lugaw ni Abel is located right next to Santisima Trinidad Parish Church and Palm Garden Resort. Lugaw Halo is a crowd favorite. It has every delectable offal parts like dila (tongue), laman (beef chunks), mata (eyes), utak (brain), puso (heart), goto (Beef tripe), and isaw (intestine).

Pair it with tokwa’t baboy and lumpiang prito and generously pour some sweet vinegar condiment for next-level taste bud satisfaction. By the way, they also have regular viands, silog meals, sizzling plates, and sandwiches. What’s nice is that you can order the specials of this “best lugawan in Bulacan contender” via the Food Panda app and have it delivered in the comfort of your home.

Valenzuela Bahay Pawid – Malolos

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Valenzuela Bahay Pawid Delivery

Valenzuela Bahay Pawid has been serving delicious lugaw to hungry locals in Malolos since 1981. This 40-year old lugawan has maintained its quality and taste over the years. Currently, their modest stall is located at Ople Diversion Road in Bulihan. Regular customers recommend ordering the LTB Regular, hardboiled egg, and Cuchinta (brown-orange sticky rice cake with coconut shavings). A personal favorite is the Lugaw Tokwa Dila, but it is quickly sold out before lunchtime. They ferment their own vinegar condiment, and their lugaw is close to a congee consistency. So, do you agree that this is among the best lugawan in Bulacan?

Lita’s Kusina – Malolos

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Rap Tagle

Lita’s Kusina has become a local favorite with their GTB (Goto Tokwa’t Baboy). They serve Lechon Kawali or the deep-fried crispy pork belly, instead of the usual boiled pig head parts like ears, cheeks, meat, and tongue. Their modest stall is located at Ople Diversion Road in Bulihan, right next to Valenzuela Bahay Pawid. They also have normal viands and silog meals if you are not in the mood for some hot lugaw.

Citang’s – Malolos

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB\Citang’s since 1970

Citang’s is arguably one of the best merienda places in the City of Malolos.  It is located beside Sta. Isabel Parish Church.  Everyone must try their variety of ‘kakanin’ or native sweet treats made of rice; their delectable rice meals; or everyone’s favorite ‘lugaw’ or ‘goto.’  They also offer different ‘pasalubong’ or treats, which answers the Filipino tradition of bringing gifts, or goodies for those waiting back home.

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Apo ni Aling luring’s Goto & Serkele – Baliuag

Apo ni Aling luring’s Goto & Serkele is considered a Baliuag treasure for generations. The secret family recipe of Aling Luring’s special Goto, Serkele, and Pancit Palabok from 1972 has been handed down to her grandchildren, who continued her legacy. Their modest restaurant is located at 704 Rosas Street, Concepcion subdivision in Baliuag. You can use the Waze app to drive your way to this iconic lugawan place.

Lugawan ni Popong – Bulakan

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Lugawan ni Popong

Lugawan ni Popong (LNP) is a low-key but well-loved lugawan place located at Barangay Balubad right beside the Barangay Health Center. They have been serving delicious bowls of GoTokwa’t Baboy since 2017, which is also their bestseller. Through the years, they have added silog meals to cater to those customers looking for something else aside from lugaw.

McLugaw – Bulakan

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB\McLugaw

McLugaw earned its reputation for serving excellent McLugaw Overload for only 50 pesos. McLugaw Overload combines all the delicious lugaw toppings like the pig intestine, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, hardboiled egg, and more. That’s really a good deal, plus the fact their lugaw base is tasty as it is. Their lugawan stall is located at Purok 1 in Barangay Bambang, near the Bambang Cemetery.

Mangkok Avenue – Bulakan

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Mangkok Avenue

Mangkok Avenue is famous for its crazy delicious Lugaw Overload menus like Binibining Marikit, Chinitang Marikit, Hot Mama, Hot Papa, and Mister Bulalugaw (bestseller). The lugaw menu itself is quite interesting but what’s more shocking is that the lugaw is unlimited. Yes, unlimited lugaw.

Aside from lugaw, they also have silog meals and sizzling menu items. Their restaurant is located at No. 357 Purok 2, Barangay Bambang in Bulakan. They are near the Purok 2 Talipapa and right next to the Lofty Event Management Office.

Carinderia ni Enteng – Pulilan

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Carinderia ni Ka Enteng

Carinderia ni Ka Enteng is a Filipino Comfort Food Restaurant located in front of the Mahal na Senyor Chapel in Barangay Lumbac, along the Pulilan Regional Road. They went viral a few years ago for their original Turon Halo-Halo and was even featured in various magazines, newspapers, and TV programs. Regular customers recommend Lugaw Tokwa’t Baboy, where the Baboy is served Lechon Kawali style. A personal favorite and comfort food is the Goto Tokwa’t Baboy.

Gotohan ni Tata Pascual – Plaridel

Lugawan In Bulacan
Photo courtesy of FB/Gotohan ni Tata Pascual

Gotohan ni Tata Pascual has been serving delicious bowls of hot lugaw since 1993 at an affordable price. Their modest stall is located in Tabang, Plaridel, in front of the Shell Gasoline Station near Rocka Village. Frequent customers recommend ordering the Double LTB and pair it with some Puto (rice cake) or Kutsinta (brown-orange sticky rice cake with coconut shavings). Double means bigger lugaw bowl serving perfect for hungry patrons.

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