CITANG’S EATERY Malolos: An Essential Merienda Place since 1970

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Citang’s Eatery Malolos is arguably one of the best merienda places in the City of Malolos.  It is located beside Sta. Isabel Parish Church.  Everyone must try their variety of ‘kakanin’ or native sweet treats made of rice; their delectable rice meals; or everyone’s favorite ‘lugaw’ or ‘goto.’  They also offer different ‘pasalubong’ or treats, which answers the Filipino tradition of bringing gifts, or goodies for those waiting back home.

Citang's since 1970

This eatery started in the early 1970. Mrs. Teresita “Citang” Ignacio is the person behind this successful food establishment.  Aling Citang started by peddling ‘kakanin’ to their neighbors with the help her husband, Mr. Ignacio Ignacio, and their six children (Lito, Nene, Lidya, Poleng, Marivic and Joey).  She did all the preparation and cooking for her merchandise at home.  Indeed, it boasts of the homemade goodness!  Her kakanin became popular, which prompted her put up this place called Citang’s Eatery Malolos.

Unfortunately, at the age of 72, Aling Citang passed away.  Nonetheless, the family’s business continues to prosper with the help of her husband and their children managing the eatery.  All her children inherited their mother’s cooking prowess.  They have their own signature specialties, which they sell at the eatery.

Citang’s Eatery Malolos – Their Specialties

According to their Facebook page, “Carmelito ‘Lito’ Ignacio, the eldest, together with his family, is the one who cooks the relyeno, embutido, hamonado, ube halaya, and lumpiang ubod.  Margarita ‘Nene’ De Silva and her husband cook the biko, leche flan, and okoy.  Concordia ‘Lidya’ Adriano, together with her daughter, cook pansit malabon, pansit palabok, and pansit guisado.  Ma. Victoria ‘Marivic’ Villegas cooks the special puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, and kalamay latik.  Apolonia ‘Poleng’ Encarnado sells the bibingkas and sweets.  And Jose ‘Joey’ Ignacio, the youngest, together with his wife, sell the Pan de Baliuag and the varieties of brownies.  Poleng and Joey attend to the customers everyday, while the other siblings cook and prepare the food, even during the day.

Finding this place is easy.  If you have Waze app, just search for Citang’s Eatery Malolos, and it will lead you there. They don’t have parking space for cars, but you can park freely at the Sta. Isabel Parish Church grounds.  For bikers, they have this long rack in front of the store where you can hang your saddle while you eat inside.

Next time you crave for something delicious and remarkably Bulakenyo, drop by Citang’s Eatery Malolos, and have your fill of delectable specialties at an affordable price.

CITANG’S EATERY Malolos: An Essential Merienda Place since 1970 6

2 thoughts on “CITANG’S EATERY Malolos: An Essential Merienda Place since 1970

  1. Maayos na sana ang place pero may mga langaw pa din at kailangan maubos mo agad ang lugaw kasi nagiging soup na lang pag lumaon. May isang crew na dapat palitan dahil laging Nakasimangot. Kinabukasan sa lugaw ni Abel kami nagpunta. , WOW ! Masarap doon at walang Langaw. Di na ako babalik kay citang.

    1. After 2 years since your last comment, bukas pa rin ba ang lugawan ni Abel?
      For sure may mga improvements na sa Citang’s at tuwing magpunta ako ay lahat naka smile at nag greet sila. Wala na siguro yung nakita mo na crew nakasimangot 🤣

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