30 Best Tourist Destinations in Norzagaray

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Here ye! Hear ye! Read about these tourist destinations in Norzagaray!

Norzagaray is a favorite destination for mountain bikers and adventure enthusiasts. Its terrain is on the hilly side. Thus, you need to expect uphill, downhill, and zigzag roads along the way. The town is best known for Angat Dam and its delectable Crispy Pata version. Yes, you read it right. A Crispy Pata made with love that each bite oozes with divine milky pork juices matching ultra crispy skin that makes you order extra rice.

According to Kawaling Pinoy website, “Crispy Pata made whole pork leg boiled until tender and then deep-fried until golden and crisp. Crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside, this popular Filipino delicacy is sinfully delicious!

Tourist Spots in Norzagaray
Crispy Pata (Photo from Kawaling Pinoy Website)

Crispy Pata is another of the sinful ways Filipinos love their pork. In this popular delicacy, a whole pork leg is simmered in spices until tender and then deep-fried to crispy perfection. ** AND YES! We consider this crispy pata to be among the recommended tourist destinations in Norzagaray! 🙂

The town of Norzagaray is a landlocked mountainous area on the eastern side of Bulacan bordering the nearby provinces of Rizal and Quezon. If you look at the map, the town of Norzagaray is sandwiched between the towns of Santa Maria, Angat, Dona Remedios Trinidad (DRT), and the City of San Jose Del Monte.

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The location of Angat Dam sits on the lower realms of the Sierra Madre mountain range. The dam is notable for being a major water and power supply for the National Capital Region. Norzaragay is also home to many indigenous people (IP) like the Agta or Dumagat.

There are many less-known tourist destinations in Norzagaray visitors can explore, so we had to create this article for reference. Here are the 30 must-visit tourist destinations in Norzagaray:

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30 Tourist Destinations in Norzagaray

Barangay Tigbe

DestinationWhat To Do
Adventure ResortSelfie at Eiffel Tower replica, Swimming, Zipline, Wall Climbing, Obstacle Course, Basketball, Volleyball, Rappelling, Lagoon Activities, Camp Site, Fishing Lagoon & Mud Slide.

Barangay Partida

DestinationWhat To Do
Falcon Crest ResortSwimming, Team Building Facilities such as Rappelling, Zipline (slide for life), Rope Courses (Rope Traverse, Multi-vine, Rope Labyrinth), and Cargo Net

Barangay San Lorenzo

DestinationWhat To Do
Bitbit BridgeSelfie, Drone
Bitbit RiverSwimming, Picnic
Hilltop/Angat Dam ViewdeckOverlooking Sierra Madre and Angat Dam, Selfie, Drone
Mt. OriodHighest Mountain Peak in the Sierra Madre, Trekking
Maranat Twin Falls/ Oriod FallsTrekking, Swimming

Barangay Baraka

DestinationWhat To Do
Pakiling RiverSwimming, Picnic, Fishing

Barangay Bigte

DestinationWhat To Do
Pinagrealan CaveSwimming, Hiking, Spelunking
Lioness Back Rock FormationsTrekking
Rhino Rock FormationsTrekking
30 Best Tourist Destinations in Norzagaray 2
Rhino Rock Formation (Photo from enjayneer.com)

Barangay Matictic

DestinationWhat To Do
Bakas River ResortSelfie at Bernardo Carpio’s mythical footprint, Swimming, Picnic
Langka RiverSwimming, Picnic, Hiking, Fishing
Kanyakan RiverSwimming, Picnic, Hiking, Fishing

Barangay San Mateo

DestinationWhat To Do
IPO Dam ViewdeckSelfie, Drone, Picnic
Golden Haven Memorial ParkSelfie, Picnic
Banahaw RiverSwimming, Picnic, Hiking, Fishing
Punduhan ng mga DumagatCultural Immersion, Picnic, Ecotourism
Monte Cristo Cave
(Bato sa Bitbit Cave)
Trekking, Spelunking
Maramo RiverSwimming, Rafting, Fishing, Hiking
St. John Mary Vianney Retreat HouseSelfie, Drone, Picnic, Swimming
Secret Haven CampsiteSwimming, Rafting, Fishing, Hiking, Spelunking, Mountain Bike Trail, Camping, Picnic
Safe Haven River CampingSwimming, Rafting, Fishing, Hiking, Spelunking, Mountain Bike Trail, Camping, Picnic
Banahaw CaveTrekking, Spelunking

Barangay Poblacion

DestinationWhat To Do
Payumo Strawberry GardenStrawberry Picking
Saint Andrew Parish Church
Municipal Office of Norzagaray
Blue’s Farm & ResortSwimming, Rafting, Fishing, Picnic
JL Jamie’s Crispy Pata and RestaurantFood trip
Bruce Lee’s Crispy PataFood trip
Kangay RestaurantFood trip

There are still plenty of less-discovered tourist destinations in Norzagaray. We will make sure to update this list as often as we can. Going and spending time outdoors is really relaxing and quite therapeutic. According to experts, spending time outdoors, especially in green spaces, is one of the fastest ways to improve your health and happiness. It’s been shown to lower stress, blood pressure, and heart rate while encouraging physical activity and buoying mood and mental health.

We need to be mindful of our surroundings and the environment. Let us remember the Mountaineer’s Creed, which says,

Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time. Take nothing but pictures.” 

This means we need to clean up our waste and dispose of trash properly (Clean As You Go). We should refrain from killing wild animals, picking flowers and plants to protect the Sierra Madre mountain range.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Let’s pack up and go to these tourist destinations in Norzagaray!

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