2018’s Top 10 Resorts in Bulacan


For Filipinos, summer will not be complete without going on an outing, either with family or with friends. With the warm weather, the most popular outing activity is to go swimming — either in the gorgeous Philippine beaches or in the numerous resorts.

For resort lovers, there would be a lot of choices, depending on the type of activities that you are looking for.  To help you decide on where you can have your outing this summer, we prepared a list of the Top 10 beach-like resorts around Bulacan, in terms of their amenities, rates, and their distance from Metro Manila.  This list compiles the different types of resorts as well, to suit the different types of thrills and feels that you look for in vacations and outings.

(The features and amenities of the resorts described below are as per their websites and experiences of those who have tried them.)


#1 Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort

Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort is a perfect place for extraordinary adventure seekers. Everyone will surely enjoy the variety of amenities they offer, such as slides, underwater helmet diving and fish spa. Different occasions such as reunions and group outings are best celebrated at Coolwaves Ranch and Waterpark Resort, since they can accomodate a large number of people.  With these, one must consider this resort if he or she is looking for a good resort anytime and not only during summer.  #adventurefeels

777 Libo St. San Nicolas, Bulakan, Bulacan

Tel #

(044) 792-2870

Cell #


(CREDITS) Coolwaves Ranch & Water Park Resort Facebook Page

#2 Amana Waterpark

Amana Waterpark, being one of the best resorts in Bulacan in terms of its amenities, customer service, comfort, convenience, and of course, rate gives you an unforgettable experience.  Definitely, you will make the most out of your money.  This resort offers a variety of amenities, including a 3,500 sq meter wave-pool with 13 different kinds of waves, life-sized characters all over the resort, horseback riding, picnic groves, souvenir shops, and cottages.  Truly, every one in the family will find the right kind of adventure and relaxing activity that they will enjoy.  #forentirefamilyfeels

Santisima St. Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan

Manila Line:

  • (02) 546-3499
  • (02) 703-7687
  • (02) 703-7689

Tel #

  • (044) 893-9656
  • (044) 896-1267

Cell #

  • Sun :  0925-899-0868
  • Globe: 0917-886-6220
  • Smart : 0939-923-3089

(CREDITS) Amana Waterpark Facebook Page

#3 Galilee Wonderland Waterpark and Hotel

Galilee Wonderland Waterpark and Hotel is a must-visit resort in Bulacan. It is not just an ordinary resort. They have 10 swimming pools, 2 wave-pools, 60 rooms to accommodate their guests, and a replica of Noah’s Arc with life-sized animals. Galilee Wonderland Waterpark and Hotel also has gym, spa, basketball court, billiard table, and table tennis equipment. #varietyfeels

Gen. Alejo Santos Hi-way, San Pedro, 3007, Bustos, Bulacan

Manila Line:

(02) 519-4471

Tel #

(044) 309-2139

Cell #

  • 0922-848-6032
  • 0917-303-6747
  • 0917-548-8008

(CREDITS) Galilee Wonderland Facebook Page

#4 Big Rock Farm Resort

Big Rock Farm Resort is located at Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan.  It is named after the baranggay where it is located (Brgy. Coral na Bato).  It was not built originally for commercial purposes, hence giving you the privacy feels that you would not get from a fully commercialized resort.  Why not consider this resort if you want a ‘private’ resort experience? #privacyfeels

Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan

Cell #

  • 0917-787-0576
  • 0977-829-8578
  • 0922-810-2567

(CREDITS) Big Rock Farm Resort Facebook Page

#5 La Florentina Resort

La Florentina Resort is a good place for families and friends if they want to unwind, relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Situated in the middle of Bonga Menor, Bustos, Bulacan, La Florentina Resort is easy to access.  This resort, opened only last May 2017 has 100 nipa cottages, 12 villas where guests can stay, an Olympic-size adult pool, a kiddie pool, a colorful playground pool, a playground and a food hub. #naturefeels

#875 Claro Santos St., Brgy. Bonga Menor, Bustos, Bulacan

Tel #

(044) 233-4386

Cell #

  • 0917-115-0864

(CREDITS) La Florentina Resort Website

#6 The Grass Garden Resort and Villas

The Grass Garden Resort and Villas is a perfect place for relaxation, outings, reunions and recreational activities.  Having a beautifully-landscaped surrounding, everyone will surely enjoy their stay and and will have unforgettable moments with their family and friends. #lushfeels 

Sipat, Plaridel, Bulacan

Tel #

(044) 795-0124

Cell #


(CREDITS) The Grass Garden Resort and Villas Website

#7 Klir Waterpark Resort & Hotel

Being considered as the largest waterpark resort in Bulacan, Klir Waterpark Resort is just a 30 minute drive from Manila.  They have the most advanced wave pool and other ammenities that a resort must offer. They also have 4 different kind of pool, cottages and function areas that can accommodate a large number of guests. #enjoythewaterfeels


Near Sta. Rita Exit, Kabilang Bakood, Guiguinto Bulacan, Philippines

Tel #

Bulacan Line – (044) 892-0227 / (044) 760-1075
Manila Line – (02) 404-4145

Cell #


(CREDITS) Klir Waterpark Resort Website

#8 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel

With the theme ‘Under the Sea’, 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel in not just an ordinary waterpark and hotel in Bulacan.  As the name implies, they have the 2,788.52 sq. m. wave-pool that guests will surely enjoy.  They also offer different amenities and not just limited to pools.  With these things, guests will surely have an unforgettable experience at 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel. #wavefeels

DRT Highway, Ulingao, San Rafael, Bulacan

Tel #

Bulacan Line:
(044) 766-5272
(044) 766-5936
(044) 766-5268
Manila Line:
(02) 742-0063

Cell #

(0922) 738-0942

(CREDITS) 8 Waves Waterpark and Hotel Website

#9 Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort

Located at Camansi Prenza in Marilao, Bulacan, Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort is just 30-minute trip from NLEX Balintawak.  They offer a variety of pools where guests can enjoy.  With the different types of pool Hidden Sanctuary offers, this is a good place for friends and family outings. #sanctuaryfeels

Camansi Prenza 1, 3019 Marilao, Bulacan

Tel #


Cell #




(CREDITS) Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort Website

#10 Lawiswis Kawayan Garden Resort and Spa

Lawiswis Kawayan Garden Resort, a total area of 5,464 square meters, is located at baranggay Buguion in Calumpit, Bulacan. This is a quiet, green, relaxing and a beautiful place perfect for people who want to rest and unwind. #innerpeacefeels

402 Brgy. Buguion, Calumpit

Cell #

0917 811 2332
0922 861 2332

(CREDITS) Lawiswis Kawayan Resort and Spa Website

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    I just recently visited COOLWAVES RANCH AND WATER PARK RESORT and It changed a lot since last year. I tried to capture everything on this Vlog so please see for your self https://youtu.be/Gln5hExCGrA (YT Channel: MAMI YASHI DIARIES)

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